Trademark Objection

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TradeMark  Objection Online in chennai
Objected Trademark in chennai

Every new trademark application is passing various stages to get its registration. The Trade Marks Office can raise objections for various reasons to your application. Trademark Objection reply in Chennai to be done by our expert team. Trademark objection may happen because of,

  • The word mark or device mark is too similar to an existing trademark can get trademark objection.
  • It could hurt religious sentiments may get trademark objection.
  • Trademark objection for the name is likely to cause confusion, among various other reasons.

In this case we must file our trademark objection reply to this objection within a month from when the Examination Report has been published online. If it has been sent to your corresponding communication address in the application the same to be responded trademark objection reply online. Non reply applications will be abandoned by the Registrar of Trademark.